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General Civil Litigation - The Harrison Law Office provides specifically tailored litigation solutions for a wide variety of cases.  From employment law to contract disputes to city ordinance violations, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court.  

Debtor/Creditor - Whether it is a small debt or multimillion dollar judgment, the Harrison Law Office employs sophisticated collection solutions to ensure satisfaction of your judgment. Avenues available for collection include wage garnishments, bank levies, securing liens on real and personal property and establishing payment  and settlement plans.  If you have an out of state judgment, the Harrison Law Office can quickly domesticate the foreign judgment and begin collection against the Colorado debtor.

Conservation Easement Tax Credits - The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) has recently invalidated numerous Conservation Easement Tax Credits purchased and applied by Colorado tax payers creating contentious legal battles between buyers and sellers of these tax credits.  If your Tax Credit has been disallowed and you received a deficiency notice from the DOR,  the Harrison Law Office can ensure your rights are protected. 

Tax/Debt Resolution - Many Coloradans owe the IRS or Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) a significant amount of unpaid tax, interest and penalties.  If you or your business has received a deficiency notice, other correspondence threatening collection action, or an erroneous tax assessment from the DOR or IRS, you must act immediately to protect your income and assets from seizure.  While the claims you see on TV are thoroughly misleading, there are a number of options to resolve outstanding tax debt.  

Don't let some faceless national corporation charge (and keep charging) you exorbitant rates to resolve your debt.  The Harrison Law Office offers low flat fee tax resolution solutions including: establishment of affordable Installment Agreements (payment plans),  Offers in Compromise (settlements), and business turn around services that may result in significant savings on the total outstanding debt and will curtail collection activity.  

Criminal Defense - The Harrison Law Office can represent you in a variety of misdemeanor criminal proceedings including: theft, assault and battery, and DUI.  Depending on the nature of your case, low flat fees will be considered for most cases.

Personal Injury - You know the drill:  "If you been injured..." Whether it is a simple negligence case involving a car accident or a case covered under the Premises Liability Statute, the Harrison Law Office will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury.  There are no "strong-arms" or celebrity endorsements here; only personal and competent legal representation for you after your accident and until you are made whole.

Moving Violations - Traffic tickets mean steep fines and, more importantly, points on your license.  Accumulating points on your license can lead to higher insurance costs and a suspended license.  Many attorneys imply they can simply make traffic tickets "go away" if only you pay their exorbitant fees.  While this is generally not the case, attorney involvement can lower the number of points charged against your license and reduce your fines.  The Harrison Law Office takes a cost-efficient approach to traffic cases.      

Business Services - The Harrison Law Office can assist your business with contract drafting, corporate governance and internal document drafting, and general legal counsel.

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